What’s in my beach bag?

One more sleep until Cuba! I am so excited for our winter break and really looking forward to some well-deserved down time. In preparation for our trip, I decided to pull out some of my beach essentials and start packing (last minute, I know!). I travel a lot for work and like to avoid checking my baggage, if possible, so I challenged myself to one week in Cuba with only a carry on… let’s see how I do!

Check out this cute bikini here!

To get started, I gathered some of my beach bag essentials. My skin can be pretty sensitive to the sun, so I always make sure to pack a wide-brimmed hat, a powerful sunscreen (including a lip protector), and my favourite cover-up. Other necessities include our Fujifilm Instamax camera for some fun polaroid-style shots, a couple great reads, my go-to favourite sandals,an iPod, dry shampoo, face wipes, and a bright lip color for a quick freshening up, and refillable water bottles.

Simply Sarah Beach Bag Essentials

I’m sure my beach bag will collect a few more items over the next couple of days, but I’m curious about what your beach essentials are? Leave me a recommendation or comment with your beach favourites.

Have a lovely day.





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