Review: DIY Coffee Scrub

Happy Wednesday!

I hope your hump-day flew by and you’re enjoying your evening. It was a storm day here, so we got to enjoy a mid-week break from work and spent the day picking away at our master bedroom project. The end is FINALLY in sight and I can’t wait to share it with you!

This week, the Simply Sarah crew made a DIY Coffee Scrub and wanted to share our experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Some back-story: we love coffee. Like, we really love it. We constantly have a pot brewing, or are reheating remnants, but either way our mugs are rarely empty. That being said, we go through a LOT of coffee grinds. After years of just tossing them in the compost, I decided I wanted to do something else with the decadent remainders, and found myself on Pinterest searching for new ideas. I found a super easy recipe, invited the girls over, and we got to work. We took a few things into consideration, and even added our own touch to the recipe, but tried to keep it as simple as possible.

So, sit back, fill your mug, and enjoy our review!

Coconut, Original, Lemon DIY Coffee Scrub

To get started, we enjoyed a fresh pot of coffee. We used locally roasted beans from Receiver Coffee Co. in Charlottetown (if you love coffee, do yourself a favour and check them out – they are awesome).

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Receiver Coffee Photo by: Eric Creed at

After the grinds cooled, we combined them with our other ingredients and packaged them into small mason jars. Since we each have different skin types, we all tried a different recipe, and all had different results. I used a more coarsely ground bean from the French Press, and combined it only with coconut oil. Katie’s scrub consisted of half coarsely ground and half finely ground coffee, combined with coconut oil and lemon zest. And lastly, Kelsey tried a finely ground coffee, combined with coconut oil and coconut flakes.

(The recipe for our Coffee Scrub base is pretty simple: 1/2 cup coffee grinds, 1/4 cup cocnut oil.)

Here are our results:

  1. Sarah: My DIY coffee scrub left my skin feeling very smooth and soft, although some of the grinds were pretty big and felt scratchy. The coconut oil hardened quite a bit, making it difficult to get the scrub out of the jar, but I loved the smell of the coffee and coconut together. Finally, the larger pieces of the coffee grinds made it difficult to wash down the drain so I was left with a pretty big mess in the shower. Overall rating: 5/10
  2. Katie: The coconut oil in my DIY coffee scrub hardened and made it difficult to get the lid off the jar. Once I was able to get it open, the scrub smelled awesome – the combination of lemon, coconut, and coffee was really nice and I was excited to try it out. It smelled great even while I was applying it to my skin, but I was shocked at the aftermath. It left my skin smelling like an ashtray. I was pretty disappointed because it was fun to make and genuinely smelled great until it touched my skin. Overall rating: 3/10
  1. Kelsey: I have pretty sensitive skin but the DIY coffee scrub left my skin feeling soft, and didn’t irritate me at all. I would have liked it to smell a bit more equal between the coffee and coconut, but after I washed it off the scent was very faint anyway. The grinds got everywhere so I had to clean my shower afterwards, which I wasn’t expecting. Finally, I felt like the added coconut flakes were unnecessary, and just added to the clean up after I finished rinsing it off. Overall rating: 5/10

There you have it. Our DIY Coffee Scrub was fun to make, smelled great (in the jar), but wasn’t a winner. I would be open to purchasing a professional scrub, or even trying another recipe, but I don’t think any of us would go back to this one.

If you tried this recipe, or one like it, and had different results, we would love to hear about it! Comment below or contact us about your experience.

Have a great week.



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